I visited all quarters with my mind
Nor found I any dearer than myself
Self is likewise to every other dear
Who loves himself will never harm another


(S I 75; Ud 47)


"As a Buddhist monastic, it is my mission to benefit all beings through the propagation of Buddhist meditation and teachings. In order to undertake this mission, in 2017, I began the process of constructing a meditation center. In spite of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, I still determined to push forward with this construction, even though the circumstance has disrupted our years of planning and committed funding, as any delay would make this project financially unfeasible. Your contribution is now, more than ever, absolutely crucial to the success of this project. By your generous support, I wish you considerable merits for this lifetime and many lifetimes to come."

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Abhidharmavatara Seminar (Ch)

July 16th-20th, 2019, Chuefeng Foundation, Taipei


For one week in July 2019, 
Ven. Dhammadipa lectured on the Abhidharmavatara by Skandhika at Chue Feng Foundation in Taiwan

See the recordings (in Chinese)

Dhammadipa Fund Scholarship

for underprivileged children in Sri Lanka

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